The North Texas Westbury Association

(for grads of Westbury High School, Houston Texas)

This new association is being started as a touchstone for graduates of Westbury High School, Houston Texas, who happen to live in the North Texas area, though it is of course open to any and all grads of our high school. I, as the originator of this group, am focusing especially on classes close to my own, 1980, but again, it is open to all. Note, there is no cost to be a part of this. All I ask is an email address, so that you can be informed of socials and mixers which might be planned for our group here in North Texas. I know that there are a number of us here in North Texas who cannot easily make reunions and such in the Houston area, so I want to be able to plan events up here. Please contact me with your email information, and other information about yourself that you might be willing to share.

Daryl Coleman, Class of 1980

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Last updated on July 22, 2006