Directions to the old Ogletree Cemetery near Johnstonville, GA
(near the Lamar and Monroe County Line)

This is the cemetery containing the final resting place of William Ogletree (said to have been a revolutionary war soldier) and his wife, Mary "Molly" Bird, and some other members of this branch of the Ogletree family. I have been there once, and have been asked by other members of the Ogletree family where it might be found.

I was there in November of 2000, and found it being used by some local deer hunters as a camp. The cemetery is just south of Goodwyne Road and can just about be seen from the road. The cemetery has been damaged, with some of the markers having been toppled, though I do believe that the damage can be and should be repaired. After speaking with the hunters (all middle aged fellows, and some who are neighbors of Ogletree descendants), I am convinced that they are not the ones responsible for the damage, as they were as sad about the damage as anyone should be.

For now, I will supply the maps. If you need further driving instructions, click here in order to contact me. The maps will start with a large area view, and then progressively zoom into the location of the cemetery. I approached it from Griffin, but you can also see how to get there from Macon and Forsyth.