The Radical Left Has No Heart, and Has No Soul
Daryl K. Coleman
June 2004

I must admit that my circle of friends really does not include anyone, to my knowledge, who would be considered part of the radical left, and that's understandable. People tend to pal around with others who have very similar worldviews. It's in our nature to want to be around others with whom our ideas are generally in common.

So, at work recently I was hit in the face by a stark reality, and what a wake-up call it was. This fellow's name is Mark Vernon, and he joined our working group from another part of our company during the past year in the capacity of what is called a team leader. This guy is generally disliked by most all of my co-workers, in that he has a horrible work ethic. Our work environment, a computer related outsourcing company, is all about money for the company shareholders, so much so that my co-workers and I are worked relentlessly hard (there is nothing wrong with hard work, but what we do is never quite enough, it seems, for this company, because they work with a smaller staff than they should in order to save money), in order to make "the numbers", something called metrics, which is common in call centers such as we have.

Well, Mark takes advantage of his position as team leader, and can spend large amounts of time strolling around gabbing and telling dirty jokes to others, while we who are tied to our phones are working call after call in order to make the numbers. Mark, the hypocrite that he is, has no reluctance and no shame in not working, and then "cracking the whip" by jumping others who may be on a phone call longer than he believes is necessary, or by hassling someone if they, in his view, take too much time between phone calls. This guy is a real piece of work. By appearance, he is rather odd looking also. He appears to be in his early fifties, wears a stud in at least one of his years, and has really long, thick bushy graying hair. He looks like he just stepped out of one of Gary Trudeau's Doonesbury comic/commentary strips. His claim to fame is that he probably knows more about peppers than about 96% of the rest of the population of the United States (a fact he spares on no one), but apparently, this is where his "vast" knowledge begins to come to an end.

Not having any real idea of Mark's political beliefs, I asked him if he knew who Morrissey is (Morrissey is the knuckle dragging musician who, upon hearing that President Ronald Reagan had died, interrupted his concert at Dublin Castle in Ireland to make the announcement to his audience, and added that he wished it had been current President George W. Bush instead who had died). Mark told me no, he did not know who this guy is, and then added that he too wished "someone would take out Bush in order to stop him from destroying our country." He also said that he believes sixty per cent of the American population would agree with his sentiments. When I responded with astonishment that he would voice such a thing, he said, "Go ahead! Call the CIA (I think he meant the Secret Service, but that little detail would be too much for him to understand), I don't care!" When I asked him why in the world he would say such a cruel and heartless thing, Mark began to go into the usual radical left-wing garbage about how Bush is destroying our environment by passing legislation to open up strip mining in our National Parks (I tried to explain to Mark that Presidents don't pass legislation, they only sign legislation or veto the same… another detail lost to him). After I challenged him to produce some documentation on this subject so I could see what he was talking about, he got mad and ended the conversation with that old "well, you will believe what you want, and I will believe what I want" tactic, which is his way of saying, "I can't back up what I am saying with the facts." Another way of saying this, "I know what I believe, so please don't confuse me with the facts."

Now, I am not really up on the current status of strip mining in National Parks and such, so I don't know the truth of the matter at this time. Yet, there's a much larger issue here that makes strip mining pale in comparison. Though I had heard of this many times in the past on talk radio and such, I had never been confronted, eye to eye, with the shear hatefulness and venom that would wish death, and a violent one at that, on the President of the United States. I have to say, I was simply appalled. Look, my candidates lost the Presidential elections of 1992 and 1996, and I really did not like President Clinton one iota. And, when his philandering ways really came out into the open with the whole Monica Lewinsky affair, and he perjured himself by lying under oath, I came to dislike him all the more. I viewed Clinton as a man who brought disrespect, dishonor and utter shame to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and that he did… there is hardly any objective person alive who can dispute this. Yet, I NEVER wished for someone to "take him out", a term used by Mark regarding President Bush. The idea of wishing this upon any man, much less the President of the United States, is simply against everything I believe in.

Mark did do one thing for me, though, in making these comments. He really brought home to me the idea that the radical left has absolutely no heart, and it has no soul. These people really do have no limit to the dishonesty and viciousness with which they approach the socio-political table. They, the radical left, are not just people with opposing political views (like some Democrats and others on the left), they are really seeking to tear this country apart in their effort to destroy the very moral fiber and underpinnings of our country and our society. Talking to and listening to Mark brought home to me the real danger people like him pose to the United States of America. They and their ideas are dangerous and murderous. They, the radical left, will stop at almost nothing to have their way.

It also occurred to me that this idea of wishing the very worst thing to happen to a President with whom they disagree (remember, disagreement is NOT the problem here) is itself evil. These people, the radical left, are not builders - they are only destroyers. And, when they feel that they cannot win in the voting booth, then they start to wish death to our very own President of the United States. This makes me ill even to type out the words on paper, but as far as I can see, it's true! These people, the radical left, are very dangerous people, who don't care one thing for right and wrong. They are ultimately very selfish people who will almost literally destroy anyone and anything they perceive as standing in their way, whether it's the topic of gay marriage, or abortion, or even the forced removal of a tyrannical leader who not only murders many of his own people, but who is a grave potential threat to his neighbors and to the United States itself. These are people who actually take Michael Moore to be a person with brains and character (neither of which he actually has much of at all).

I may be a bit late coming to the table on this one, but I'm now convinced that playing defense against these radical left ideologues is not enough any more. Americans, who love this country, and who understand the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, really must stand up and take the offence against the radical left at every possible opportunity. We must speak out against the darkness which the radical left seeks to spread over the United States. If we don't, we stand the real danger of our society going the way of some of the European countries, who appear many times to stand for nothing and fall for everything. We must be informed on the issues of the day and present well articulated answers in the face of the REAL threats from the radical left. Here in 2004, much of the damage is already done, where our country alone is killing well over 1 million unborn children every year, and we have sunk to a point where we are now sending women (many with children left behind at home) to fight in defense of our freedoms while eligible men sit at home. This is shameful, but it is a fact. We not only have to stop this disease of the radical left, we also have to continually look for ways to roll back and reverse the societal trends they have forced down the throats of most of the rest of this country.

Daryl Coleman, June 11, 2004

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