This collection of articles, which I call FENCEPOSTS, is my answer to the well-known magazine, Guideposts. The claim for Guideposts by themselves? "The world's leading inspirational magazine, presents true, first-person stories of individual spiritual experiences that help guide readers in achieving their maximum personal and spiritual potential." Well, I feel that an alternative is needed... an alternative which is not prone to follow the psuedo-christian philosophy of that magazine's founder, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. While much of Guidepost's spiritual talk uses terms familiar to Christians, the ideas upon which it is based are really quite pagan in origin, with a strong dose of self-help and "positive thinking". In contrast, I wish to offer articles which represent the thinking of godly people committed to the faith "once and for all delivered to the saints". I also list articles of political and social value which I feel are helpful and truthful.

Guideposts Magazine: "Christian" or New Age?
Additional Guideposts Notes: Norman Vincent Peale
The Altar Call: Is It Harmful or Helpful? by Fred Zaspel
Man's Will - Free Yet Bound by Walter J. Chantry
John Calvin vs. Zane Hodges: Did Calvin deny "Lordship Salvation"? by Mitch Cervinka

My Own Sermons and Articles

The Role of the Will in Salvation by Daryl K. Coleman


Socio-Political Articles

The Road to Serfdom
Leftist Racism - This article is one of the best I have read showing how, contrary to popular leftist propaganda, the Nazi movement was indeed a leftist movement, and not a rightwing movement.
The Gettysburg Address: Inventing a New Nation - This article shows how the Gettysburg Address exibited a turning point for the United States, away from a collection of free states and towards a centralized, federal government which disrespects states rights.
AMERICA'S CAESAR - The Decline and Fall of Republican Government in the United States of America - This online ebook by Greg Loren Durand presents a well thought out defence of the view that Lincoln spearheaded a war upon the southern states NOT to free slaves, but to consolidate power in Washington D.C.
Why I'm a Conservative by Daryl Coleman
Al Gore or Al Jazeera? by David Horowitz and Ben Johnson - Commentary on Al Gore's outlandish May 2004 speach to the leftist organization,
President Reagan Changed Me by Tammy Bruce

The Radical Left Has No Heart, and Has No Soul by Daryl Coleman
The Truth About the Confederate Battle Flag by John Weaver
Attacking the Confederate Battle Flag by Joseph E. Fallon
Where Was Taiwan? by Don Feder
A Vatican Apology for the Crusades? by Robert Spencer
Tehran's Killing Fields by Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi
The Red Contraceptionist by Vic Spooner
Why the Islamists Really Hate Us by Thomas Patrick Carroll
Saudi Venom in American Mosques by Daniel Pipes
The Fraud from Flint by Lowell Ponte
Myths of the so-called American Civil War by Daryl Coleman

Historical Documents

The Address of the people of South Carolina by Robert Barnwell Rhett - With the exception of the notion of slavery, the rest of this document is very good and applicable even to this very day.
A Jeffersonian View of the Civil War by Donald W. Miller, Jr.
Libertarians and the Confederate Battle Flag by Thomas J. DiLorenzo

What if the South had won the War between the States? by Daryl Coleman
Constitution of the Confederate States of America

Forrest : Memphis' first White Civil Rights Advocate - This article offers some proof that Nathan Bedford Forrest, after the War for Southern Liberation, was anything but a racist.

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