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My earliest known OGLETREE ancestor is John OGLETREE, Sr. Though little is known (at least by me at this time) about him, he is thought to have been born in about 1740 in Hanover County, Virginia. He may have been a son of an earlier John OGLETREE, though this has not been clearly established. I am also not clear on the origin of John's father, though some have said Scotland, and others have said Ireland. Whether Scotland or Ireland, I believe it is generally believed that the OGLETREE family is of Scottish origin, and may in fact have a common origin with the OCHILTREE family, rooted in Scotland. Whatever the case, we do know that John furnished Revolutionary troops during the war and was entitled to the same privileges as the veterans. He received several land grants in Georgia. John OGLETREE, Sr., died 7 August 1822 and was buried in the OGLETREE family cemetery on Little River, Wilkes County, Georgia, near the Phillips Mill Site. Evidence also indicates that John was married on at least three separate occasions, to women named Frances, Mary and Piety. John's children are listed as follows: David, William, John, Jr., Littleton, Claiborn, James Thomas, Wiley, Absalom and Nancy OGLETREE. John Ogletree, Sr. was my 5th Great Grandfather.

My 4th Great Grandfather was Absalom OGLETREE, who was born in 1778 in North Carolina. Again, at this point I know very little about Absalom, but there are a number of stories which circulate OGLETREE circles about him, which due to their curious nature will not be repeated here. An old bible record, which can be seen here, indicates his wife's name was Elender. This may in fact have been her name, or it could have been Eleanor, but only further findings will bear this out. To my knowledge, her last name has not been discovered at this time. Absalom OGLETREE died in 1846 in what was then Fayette County (now Spalding County) Georgia and is buried in the County Line Methodist Church Cemetery in the Birdie Community of Spalding County, Georgia. He is buried directly next to the grave of Athaliza CARROLL PINKSTON JARRETT and her son-in-law, Benjamin STARR. Absalom's children are listed as follows: John G., Hope Hull, Samuel, Francis H., William, Thomas, Lovic Pierce, Eleanor L., David, Absalom J., Benjamin Abednego, Edmund and Joshua OGLETREE.

My 3rd Great Grandfather was Lovic Pierce OGLETREE, who was born in 1811 in Wilkes County, Georgia. Apparently most of the OGLETREE folks of this branch in Georgia during this time period were devoted Methodists, and Lovic received his name from a popular Methodist speaker or circuit rider of the time. Lovic was first married to Martha Ann STARR (1822-1849, daughter of Benjamin STARR), with whom he had all of his known children. He was later married to Mary ELDER, and then to Sarah NEWTON or GILKERSON. Lovic's children were as follows: Catherine Gillum (or Gordon), Sarah Wingfield, Henry Philemon, Charlotte Frances and Benjamin Absalom OGLETREE. Lovic Pierce OGLETREE died in 1887 and was buried in the County Line Methodist Church Cemetery in the Birdie Community of Spalding County, Georgia.

My Great Great Grandmother was Sarah "Sallie" Wingfield OGLETREE. She was born in 1840 in Fayette County, Georgia. She was first married to William Jefferson JOHNSON in Griffin, Spalding County, Georgia in 1858, and with him had three children: Charles Pierce, Benjamin Franklin and William J. JOHNSON. Sadly, William Jefferson JOHNSON was wounded while serving with the Confederate States Army during the War for Southern Independence and died from his wounds in 1863. Interestingly enough, I have two cousins today who are directly descended from this union: Marion JOHNSON and Glenn GOODSON.

Sarah Wingfield Ogletree Coleman
Sarah was next married to John M. C. COLEMAN in 1869 in Spalding County, Georgia, and they had the following children: Walter Phlem, Quinn, David M. and Joshua COLEMAN. John M. C. Coleman died in 1885, and Sarah married Jim Maxwell in 1887 and moved to Haralson County, Georgia. She died there in 1918 and was buried in an unmarked grave in the Buchanan Cemetery, Haralson County, Georgia.

My Great Grandfather was Walter Phlem COLEMAN, who was born in Spalding County, Georgia in 1869. He was married to Mary Elizabeth HAMMOND in 1890, and he died in Spalding County, Georgia in 1933. They had the following children: Myrtice Idell, Annie Lee, Clara Lois, and Walter COLEMAN (my Grandfather).

An interesting note about this Ogletree line is that it is believed that nearly all of the Ogletrees in the south (if not every one of them) can trace back to one immigrant ancestor, John Ogletree.

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